Songkhla Rajabhat University


 Songkhla Rajabhat University : SKRU


SKRU is one of the oldest institutions in Southern Thailand. It has been developing gradually from a Provincial Teacher Training School to Songkhla Rajabhat University at the present time.
The University was established since 1919 when the Governor of Nakornsithammarat Province stayed in Songkhla Province. At that time, the Governor of Songkhla had an idea how to produce provincial teachers for primary schools. The Provincial Teacher Training School, then, was established with the co-oporation of Nakornsithammarat Provincial School (which is now Mahavajiravudh School formerly located at Wichianchom School ). The school was for students whom graduated from Pratom 3 to continue studying in Pratom 4-6 and focused more on Pedagogy Science. Students whom graduated from the school were called Provincial Certified Teachers.
In 1921, there was an Elementary Education Act. Thammakarn Monthon established the Provincial Teacher Training School in 1925. It was located in Tumbol Thachamuang, Kamphaeng phet District (Rattaphum District now), Songkhla Province. It was named at that time “Krumoon Training School” (Songkhla College of Agriculture and Technology now). The school was for students with a Matthayom 3 certificate or the teachers from various districts and provinces. The students studied there for two years and then acquired the Krumoon Professional Certificate.
In 1933, there was the Act of Administration of Siam Kingdom which undid the administrative divisions of Monthon. The Krumoon Teacher Training School, Monthon Nakornsithammarat at Tumbol Thachamuang was changed to the Provincial Certificate Teacher Training School in 1937. The school was for students whom graduated from Pratom 6 and Matthayom 2 (according to the National Education Plan, 1932) to study for two years. Subsequently, students whom graduated from Matthayom 3 were admitted to study there for two years and acquired the Provincial Certificate.
Moreover, the Provincial Certificate Teacher Training School offered a Provincial Certificate in teaching for students whom graduated Pratom 4 from distant provinces. Students studied there for three years and then acquired the Public Teacher Certificate and moved back to be teachers in their hometowns.
In 1939, the Songkhla Certificate Teacher Training School was moved from Thachamuang to Tumbol Korhong, Hadyai District. In 1947, it was changed from the Provincial Certificate Teacher Training School to “Krumoon Training School”. Then, the curriculum was revised. The school was for students whom graduated from Matthayom 6 or those whom acquired the Krumoon Certificate to further their studies for one year and would have been granted the Higher Krumoon Certificate.
In 1955, there was a curriculum for the Certificate of Education. It was for students whom graduated from Matthayom 6. Students studied there for two years and then acquired the Certificate of Education. “Songkhla Krumoon Training School” was changed to Songkhla Teacher Training School. On June 1, 1956, it was moved to the present location, Ban Khao Rup Chang, Muang Songkhla, Songkhla. It was raised to the status to be Songkhla Teacher College on May 1, 1961. The Certificate of Higher Education was opened to students in the same year.
Therefore in 1975, the government proclaimed the Teaching College Act 1975, which allowed Songkhla Teaching College to start its programme in Science of Education by means of having the students whom possessed a Certificate of Higher Education or permanent teachers whom had been granted a Special High School Certificate to enroll in order to enhance their studies for two years. The graduates would have been granted a Bachelor of Education (B.A. in Education) and in 1979, the institute launched a training programme for permanent teachers and educational personnel in the level of a Certificate of Higher Education and a Bachelor Degree. After that in 1981, by means of co-operation with the Prince of Songkla University, the institute initiated the curriculum on hospitality and tourism along with marine animal cultivation and the project was called “Songkhla Community College”
Later in 1984, the government announced the Teaching College Act 1984 so that the Teaching College could produce teachers and commence training courses which met local needs and necessities. Hence Songkhla Teaching College produced Bachelor Degree-Teachers (Bachelor of Education) and other graduates in many branches or other vocational certificates according to regional needs and necessities. Also in 1986, the institute educated permanent staff (Education for Staff in Charge) for a diploma and a bachelor degree in Science of Education which later has been expanded to other branches of education such as, Liberal Arts and Sciences that have still been continued to function until today.
The time of momentous alteration for this educational institute occurred again when His Majesty King Bhumubol Adulyadej granted the name “Rajabhat” to use instead of “teaching college” throughout the country on February 14 1992. Thus Songkhla Teaching College has changed its name since that day to be “Songkhla Rajabhat Institute”. The institute has made its progress until the bachelor degree commenced in 2001. And eventually on June 15 2004, the institute was elevated to become known as “Songkhla Rajabhat University” with Assistant Professor Dr. Pairote Duangwiset as the president of the institute.