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Tuition Fees

According to Songkhla Rajabhat University Announcement on the issue of Tuition fees for the Graduate School (regular program), Master Degree Programs B.E. 2553, the tuition fees are as follows;

  • 1. Registration fee for new students
  • 1.1 Admission fee for new students   500 baht
    1.2 Student ID card and information technology service   100 baht
    1.3 Security deposit   500 baht
  • 2. Semester fee (per semester)
  • 2.1 University charge   1,000 baht
    2.2 Information technology service and library charge   400 baht
    2.3 Students activity charge   200 baht
  • 3. Registration fee
  • 3.1 Course Credits charge   600 baht per credit
    3.2 Practical subjects Credits charge   800 baht per credit
    3.3 Thesis / Term paper / Independent study (per unit)   800 baht
  • 4. Other fees
  • 4.1 Application form   100 baht
    4.2 Application fee (per department)   300 baht
    Surcharge for following departments:    
    Master of Science Program in Agricultural Technology Management (per semester)   2,000 baht
    Master of Education Program in Science Education (per semester)   2,000 baht
    Master of Education Program in Educational Administration (per semester)   1,500 baht

    Master of Education Program in Curriculum and Instruction (per semester)

      1,500 baht
    Master of Public Health Program in Community Health (per semester)   1,500 baht
    Master of Art in Development Strategy (per semester)   1,500 baht
    Master of Business Administration Program in Business Administration (per semester)   1,500 baht
    4.3 Graduation registration fee   300 baht
    4.4 Fee for each Comprehensive Examination   300 baht
    4.5 Fee for basic course test   500 baht per subject
    4.6 Fee for thesis examination for a master degree   1,500 baht

    4.7 Fee for exemption / credit transference from other Rajabhat Universities is 100 baht per credit and 200 baht for each one transferred from other universities.


    4.8 Fine for any delayed registration is 50 baht per day since the date the university has provided, but it will not exceed 1,000 baht in total for a semester.

    4.9 Fee for student status maintenance per a semester   1,000 baht
    4.10 In case a student is no longer maintaining his status, fee for student status reclamation is 300 baht a time.  
  • 5. Fee for issuing a certification or other documents:
  • 5.1 Fee for issuing any document while a student is studying is 100 baht  
    5.2 Fee for issuing any document after the student is graduated is 100 baht.้