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Songkhla Palace Hotel



     Songkhla Palace Hotel is a centre made for students to practice their skills in hospitality management as professionals. Songkhla Rajabhat University is a profession learning centre for every student. There are classrooms as well as room service for its visitors. Besides, there is a conference hall which can comfortably hold between 70-80 persons.

**The guests will find that their stay will be very convenient, for the hotel’s location is situated not far from many local touring places of Songkhla such as seaside taverns (mostly seafood) along the coastline of Songkhla Lake , Kaoseng, Chalatat Beach, Samila Beach, Songkhla Aquarium, Songkhla Zoo, and so on. **

  • Service
      Songkhla Palace Hotel provides service for guests 24 hours a day, so our visitors will be comfortable with their trip.
    • 1. Rental fee (if there are not more than two guests) is 500 baht per night.
    • 2. If the guests are public servants and/or state enterprise staff (not more than two persons), the rental fee is 450 baht per night.
    • 3. The rental fee (if there are more than two guests) is the same rate (500 baht per night) as provided in 1, but for each additional visitor, he/she has to pay 150 baht extra per night.
    • 4. When there is a seminar, if there is a booking for more than 20 rooms of the centre, namely, Songkhla Palace Hotel, the fee for using the conference room will be exempted. Forty room are available for customers at Songkhla Palace Hotel. There is a meeting room with a dining room. Internet WiFi and bike rental are provided for customers’ convenience. Slogan: Clean Rooms, Warm Ambience, and Taking Care of You with Smiling Faces

More Details http://songkhlapalace.skru.ac.th