Songkhla Rajabhat University


 Songkhla Rajabhat University : SKRU


    The cafeterias in Songkhla Rajabhat University are available for everyone including lecturers, students, personnel, and guests. They are certified and sanitary canteens with a convivial atmosphere. The servicing hours are from 7.00 – 15.00. Various types of foods, drinks, and desserts for customers can be found inclusive of Thai a la carte, five-star fried chicken, dim sum, and Meuang-Siam meatball. Moreover, there is also a convenient store located in the cafeterias in order to support several needs of the customers.

    There are two food courts in the university:
1. The old one which is situated close to the auditorium next to the front entrance


2. The new one situated beside the Department of Student Development and the Faculty of Management Sciences