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Borneo Mahogany
Name : Borneo Mahogany or Alexandrian Laurel
Type species : Calophyllum inophyllum L.
Other names : (used in various Thai locals) Krating, Ting, Naowakaan, Sarapheenan, Kaakating, and Sea Saraphee
Place of origin : coastline
Type : perennial plant
Configuration : The trunk can range from 5-12 meters high. At the treetops are tight bushes. Its bark’s color is brown-grey.
The leaves stem singulary at the vertical direction and at the side of a branch alternatively. A leaf’s shape looks like an egg turned upside down. Its width and length is 4.5-8 centimeters and 5-8 centimeters respectively. The leaf’s end is a bit rounded and emarginated. Its base is somewhat narrower. The leaf-lines are rather close and parallel.
The flowers are white, aromatic and bloom in bunches. The bunches of flowers are always located at the leaves crotch near the end of the branch. They bloom during October through December. -
The fruits are rounded with a diameter about 2-2.5 centimeters. Each fruit has an apicula at its end. When the fruit is ripe, its color will turn yellow.
Proliferation : by way of cultivating the seeds
Favorable environment : friable soil mixed with sand or soil; medium humidity; the tree can be grown both by the coastline or inland.
Utility : Its wood is used in household construction and decoration. We can compound medicine that is both fragrant and nourishes the heart from its flowers and oil extracted from its seeds can be applied to aching joints in order to alleviate the pain. Also it can be utilized in making cosmetics and growing in the household as ornamental plants.